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Top 3 Best Unbelievable Android Apps Of 2017

Top 3 Best Unbelievable android apps of 2017 you not know. these android apps are amazing while using these android apps you will feel unbelievable on self.

Top 3 best android apps of 2017 everyone must know

Android apps are released since 1994-2017 and some best android apps are released in 2017. thousands of best android apps are released in 2017 on google play store or any other mobile market.

but top 3 android apps which gone viral in google play store and downloaded more and more from google play store in very less time.

the quality of that Android apps was unbelievable some of these android apps make a great role in this feature world of science.

in making of these android apps 2-2 years taken a lot of employers work hard and make these 3 android apps and make the world step forward to the feature.

Following are the top 3 android apps which gone viral in the Android apps market.

1) Google Translate: Camera Instant Translation:-

download google translating camera app Metal Detector best android app of 2017

In 2017 Googles add an unbelievable lens functionality in an android app which can translate any language to English or any other language which shows you live translating from any language to any other language which translates totally to that language selected by you without incorrect words or misspellings.

Google devices added some translating lens in their devices which translate languages from Japanese to English.

also, these features are available in Google devices camera options which work great.

and it helps more people who don’t understand any other language and using this app they will understand better and good thanks google for this amazing feature.

2) Instant Heart Rate: Heart Rate & Pulse Monitor:-

this android app is good app ever in google play store.

it is an android app which can be for the medical use and this android app can measure heart beating rate how much times your heart beats it shows clearly and correct heart beats.

there is a lot of advantages of this android app. this is your pocket heart beat measuring device while using this android app on your android smartphone.

this android app looks great but it cannot be used in hospitals because sometimes it doesn’t show the correct measuring of hearts beats and can be sometimes the serious person can lay to death so it is not good for medical use.

but you can use it for entertainment and lifestyle because this android app is amazing and I checked my heartbeat in 7 devices and get the same heartbeat so then I know that this is correct heart beat measuring Android app.

this app works well on those devices which having flashlights and also best advantage and quality of this android app is that this android app not require any hardware or lens it works on any device,

but sometimes in devices which don’t have flashlights cannot measure correctly but if you try in good lighting place then it will work good and correct so thanks azumio.co for this amazing android app.

3) Metal Detector:-

the metal detector is an amazing android app published by smarttools.co this android app is an unbelievable android app in google play store market because this android app can detect metals and any other things made of metals.

Also check out: http://noumantech.com/top-best-android…rge-apps-of-2017/

but the requirements for this android app, that your device must be having a magnetic sensor. if your devices already having magnetic sensor then this android app will work well.

this android app detects for a magnetic sensor and the magnet detects the magnetic field of metals when something is detected the magnetic sensor sends a message to this android app and then this android app shows you the result and start alarm that metal is detected.

so this android app is too amazing and works great for more peoples. this android app can be used for finding hidden treasure and it can also be used for security checking of metals or dangerous weapons it will detect it easily and can help you more you want.

if you want to use this android app for entertainment than this app is only made for you because this android app is so funny you can play with friends using this android app checking their clothes if they hide some weapons or metals and much more so thanks for making this amazing android app.

Final Notice:- 

Friends if something I wrote incorrectly mistakenly then please I am so sorry, and also if you have any question about this topic or any other topic. then please comment below. and I will share my solution to you friends. and friends please share this post with your friends. and take care of yourself Goodbye.

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