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How To Start Business Online Without Investing

There are thousands of proven methods you can follow to start your small business online. I have seen thousands of peoples who had started Their own business online without investing money. Millions of people had started their own business online by following the methods.

  1. Find a need and fill it (Find a hurt and heal).
  2. Write Simple copy that sells (Copywriting).
  3. Build and design a website which is easy-to-use.
  4. Use search engines and social media to drive traffic to your website.
  5. Follow up your customers and subscribers through email.

Step 1: Find a need and fill it (Find a hurt and heal).

most people who just starting out and make a blunder mistake of looking product first, and market second. they see product means that see hosting first, and hosting providers second.

To Increase chances of your success, start with a market. And search for online forms and see, What people are asking about. Many people asking a question about their problems, But didn’t get solutions. The Internet makes conducting market research easy.

  • FInd keywords by doing keywords research that a lot of people searching. But not for which sites are competing.
  • Visit online Forums, And see what people are actually asking about and also what problem they were trying to solve.
  • Check your high-rank competitors by visiting their site, And notice what they had done to fill the demand. Then you can use what you have learned. You can now make a product which exists already by making it more better than your competitors.

Step 2: Write Simple copy that sells (Copywriting).

There are thousands of proven simple copy formulas that takes the visitor through a selling process from that moment when they arrive at that moment they make a purchase from your market.

  • To stimulate interest with a compelling headline or title.
  • Discuss The problems which your product is going to solve.
  • Establish your credibility that you are the solver of the problem.
  • Add reviews of peoples who had used your product.
  • Tell something about the product and how it could be the benefit of users.
  • Make a Thanksgiving offer for peoples to arise them for your product.
  • Make a believable strong guarantee of your product.
  • Create Urgency.
  • Ask For The sale.

Throughout your copy, You need to focus on your product as a user that is this could benefit me, Or it could help me. Think that how could your product is uniquely able to solve peoples problems or it can make your users lives better.

Step 3: Design And Build A Website

Once you have got your product and market, And you have started your selling process, Now you are ready to make your own small business website for your product. Remember to make your website design simple and easy to use. You will have less than 5 seconds to grab someone attention when they are on your website– otherwise, they will go and you will never see them again. So you can grab their attention using following methods.

  • Choose one or two fonts on your website having a white color background.
  • Make your site navigation simple, clear and make it on every page.
  • Only use audio, Video or graphics to enhance your message.
  • Include opt-in offer to collect peoples email addresses.
  • Make purchase easy to use, No too difficult by clicking on buy and then to check out just make it simple and easy.
  • Make your website customer friendly because your site is an online storefront.

Step 4: Use search engines and social media to drive traffic to your website.

Use Pay Per Click To get traffic organically to your new branded website. Pay Per Click PPC is the easiest way to arrive traffic to your new website. PPC has two advantages it can help you from over waiting for traffic organically. First, PPC will show ads on search pages automatically and very immediately. Second, PPC can also help you to check your ads, keywords, headlines, prices and also selling approaches. PPC can not arrive traffic to your site, But you can also use PPC ads for your best high converting keywords for your articles. then you can distribute those keywords in your site copy or code, Then it can help you in ranking to get organic visitors to your website.

Step 5: Use Email Marketing To Turn Visitors Into Buyers.

whenever you build your email list, you are going to create the most valuable assets of your online business. You had given permission to your subscribers and customers to send emails to them, Which means:

  • You are giving something to them which they had asked from you.
  • You have made lifetime relationship with your users.
  • The response is 100% measurable.
  • Email marketing is freeway than print, TV or radio because it is highly targetted by users.

Anyone who visits your site and you had opt-in list is a very cool lead. and there is nothing better tool than email for following up with those leads.

The Internet changes everything, You can say that if you spent 1 year online which become equal to 5 years of real life. It means that internet changes at all. But the way of how to start and grow a successful business doesn’t change yet. you can create a free website now And make a successful business now.

Final words

friends if you loved my article so please share it with your friends. also comment below if you have any problem with this article or any other article, So please feel free to comment.

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