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Get Google AdSense Approval in just 2 hours 2017 (Updated)

Get Google Adsense approval in just 2 hours. Best trick in which you can get Adsense approval very fast. Best Tips to get Adsense approval fast.

In this post, I am going to show you. How you can get Get Google AdSense Approval in just 2 hours 2017. you can get Adsense approval very fast by following this easy method.

Updated changelogs

you will need to update all your plugins daily when new updates then you can get Google Adsense approved very easily.

Adsense is a free way to earn money by showing ads on your site. and they will give you payment of them. so you can get paid very easily if you have a google now hosted AdSense account. and then only you can earn money very easily. But the problem is that Google does not give Adsense approval to anyone or give Adsense approval to any site. for this purpose you will need to follow Google Adsense policies otherwise you cannot get Adsense approval.

Google Adsense policies are very strict. so you cannot get Adsense approval very easily. you will need to follow their policies otherwise they will reject your application. Sometimes Google Adsense will reject your application if your site contains or not contain these requirements which are given below.

Insufficient Content

Sometimes whenever you apply for Google Adsense your Google Adsense disapprove your application and send you an email that your site contains insufficient content. if you want to fix this issues your site must contain following requirements then only you could get approval for Google Adsense very easily.

  • your site must have at least 20 posts which are required by the Google policy.
  • But you can get Adsense approval only on 7 posts you will need 7 high-quality posts which are 100% unique and these posts have maximum 1500-4000 words.
  • Do not copy anything from any other website.
  • Do not download images from google and then post on your website. if you want to put google images on your site then you will need to edit the pic then only you can get Adsense approval easily.

Copyrighted Material

Get Google AdSense Approval in just 2 hours 2017your Google Adsense can be disapproved by copyright issues, copyrighted material means that you have copied the content of your site from someone another site. your site cannot be approved for Google Adsense if your site contains copyrighted material so I advise you to do not copy content from someone and write your own content which will be better for you and then you can get Google Adsense approval easily. Also Check: Best Dedicated Web Hosting Services 2017

Get Adsense Approval In 2 Hours

Get Google AdSense Approval in just 2 hours 2017you can get Google Adsense approval very easily by following the given methods which are really easy and then your site can be ready for Adsense so please follow every step carefully and do not skip any steps otherwise your AdSense application will be rejected. Below are the few requirements then you can get easily Adsense approval.

  • Your site must have About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms, and condition, Disclaimer.
  • Your Site must have at least 7 posts which are maximum of 1500-5000 words.
  • Your Site must have A good design or good theme, on my suggestion choose Newspaper theme which is very good.
  • Your site must have a top-level domain extension for example www.yoursite.com.
  • Your site must contain a good quality and lengthy content.
  • Write only unique articles do not copy from someone.

Methods For Getting Adsense Approval

follow below methods to apply for Google Adsense and in only this method you can get Adsense approval easily.

  1. Open www.rabb.it on your computer.
  2. then click on the launch pad and open a browser and type google.com/adsense.
  3. create a new/fresh google account.
  4. Apply with Google Adsense with that fresh account.
  5. Enter the address only united states, New York City.
  6. Approve Mobile Number with an online SMS receiver site.
  7. And then click on the apply button and Done.

Wait for 2 hours and then check your email and you will receive an email that your account is successfully activated. this is the only way in which you can approve Google Adsense account very easily and totally free.

If your application was rejected then this is not the problem with your site or content problem. you will need traffic for your site. Use HitLeaf software to get traffic on your site and then apply and then check your account and then your account will be successfully activated then put ads and earn money for free.

Video Tutorial About How To Apply For Adsense And Get Approved In 2 Hours.

Final Notice

Friends if you have faced any problem if your AdSense account is not approving so please feel free to comment with your site link I will check your site and tell you what you need more for Adsense approval. if you loved reading this article so please share this post with your friends and comment below click on the like button. written by nouman Khan. Good Bye. Allah Hafiz!.


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  1. Dear MY SITE IS GIVEN Website i can not make account not approved tell me reason

  2. Thanks For such an informative article

  3. Nice and much informative . Now I will try this method. Thanks for sharing. God Bless u.

  4. Hi Dear Nouman,
    i want to apply for adsense but before that I just want to confirm that my site is ready for that or not,
    My website is http://www.geektransformers.com please review it and tell me it it ready or not??
    Thanks in advance

  5. Sir united states ka number verify ka tariqa bata dain

    • Dear Mian Zain,
      you can find it by searching on google “receive SMS online” and then select United kingdom country and in google Adsense also select united kingdom country and then verify your account.

  6. my site not approve from the adsense
    thats the reason you suggest

    • Dear Unza,
      your site is using .tk domain and .tk domain cannot be indexed in any search engine so please buy a top level domain and start using it.

  7. where is the option of Launch Pad in Rabb.it can you give me screenshot…

  8. Hii
    Mr nouman
    My website is 5 months old
    10000 up page views but google Adsense not approve….
    Please help me
    My site is networkking4u.com
    I m waiting for your reply

  9. thank you nouman khan for this amazing article.

  10. When i can apply the adsense get the bed response from google.
    What should i do?
    Response, please.

    • try to make your articles looking good and unique site should need to look good and also apply from the US then you can get a response very fast and also if you are using .tk or any other kind of free domain so you cannot get a reply from Adsense very fast.

  11. please check healthpromag.com and tell if its ready for AdSense

  12. Hi Dear Nouman,
    i want to apply for adsense but before that I just want to confirm that my site is ready for that or not,
    My website is http://latestjobs.com.pk/ please review it and tell me it it ready or not??
    Thanks in advance

    • your site doesn’t contain minimum 300-500/post words which are required for Adsense approval so try to add some words in your posts ok.

  13. Its HITLEAP Bro Not Hit Leaf. Kindly Correct it 🙂

  14. your age is less than your experience dude

  15. Thank you i got adsense approved in 3 hours thank you so much.

  16. I have blog at alik-blogs.blogspot.com
    What is wrong with this site.
    I cant get approval

  17. Hey nouman very nice article and i have applied all the tricks that you have said in the article. So, can you please check my website ? It will be really appreciated.

  18. finally i can now approve my adsense easily. it take me 6 months beafore reading this article. thanks sir

  19. Hello sir, please cek my site. On this site I use a account adsense non hosted in my other blog because I never apply for adsense but was rejected. May I know what are the requisites that must be owned so that my blog deserves google adsense. I want to try to register their own adsense from the first . Thank you.

  20. thanks for your information, visite back

  21. Hi Nouman Han 😉 Please check my site “www.khovsgoltrip.tk” any Advice of my Site? 😉 (Can i send request of my site? or not now?) Thank you

  22. is Not working What’s the problemes

  23. I read this post. it can help you guaranteed

  24. I want to apply but the steps you wrote up there to visit http://www.rabb.it... I don’t know why the site isn’t going… Help me out

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