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Blue Whale Suicide Challenge | Game Of Death

Blue Whale a suicide challenge. Blue whale a game of death. Blue whale death in 50 days. Blue whale Game Of Silent Place. Blue Whale Life Taker. 

Blue whale a game of death. blue whale a suicide challenge game which can take your life in just 50 days. so nouman tech presents, a brief explanation about Blue whale suicide challenge game.

What Is The BLUE WHALE Game?

so the first question arises is what is blue whale?. The blue whale is a fish which lives in the ocean his scientific name is Balaenoptera musculus. but this game is named a blue whale. because blue whale is a dangerous animal and a very high weight animal. so this game is base on blue whale and also they give a task to carve your hand with a knife and draw a whale on your hand. This game was released at first time in 2003 by a young boy in Russia. The game publisher was a psychologist. he makes this game to control on others brain and he gets success After few years in 2015, there about 175+ suicides occur from playing this game. The developer was arrested and the game is deleted from anywhere but now people have the copies of that game till now.

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When young teens play this game and accept the challenge of blue whale game. they will be asked to complete a series of tasks which become more and more sinister at the end of the game the player is forced to take their life in order to win. this game is based on tasks and winning is death means that if you die then you win.

Blue whale game is based on many different names which are “Wake up me at 4:20 AM” and the other name is ” A silent House” And the last name which is “A sea of Whales” so this game is called by different names. this game is based on 50 tasks and this game can be played from your mobile or from the website VKontakte.  and this is a very popular social network in Russia.

How Blue Whale Get Control On Your Mind?

A blue whale is such a game which can get control on your mind by giving you tasks to complete it. those who don’t know about blue whale and play this game will do a suicide because this game gives tasks in the start which is too easy and very funny. But in the mean and last time the game become difficult and asking you to do some wrong things if you try to not do they will afraid you by some method calling to your landline so this will effect on your mind. so if they do not ask you to suicide so then you will suicide yourself because you have no way to live again. your mind will totally be controlled and you will never see happiness and then you will suicide and take your life.

This game is attracting teenage boys/girls as young as 12-15 years old in Russia and in central Asian countries but recent reports suggested that this game is spreading across the countries of Asia and Europe and in Pakistan. this game is blamed by many countries media that why 300+ teenage committed suicide the Russian arrested the developer but the game is still available in some places.

How To Play Blue Whale Game?

blue whale game administrator finds players in “suicide groups” or “death groups” on VK.COM (VKontakte). The Russian police have shut down many groups from this social network but when one group is shut down another arise and this has driven them up in the background.

Once the administrator accepted you for the blue whale game. you are given 50 daily challenges that you should need to complete it. This game starts from easy to hard like watch videos, wake up at an odd time, listen to songs and go to most extreme like cutting words on your skin or cutting whale on your hand, cutting your lips. The game moves from simple to painful. The first task which is usually given to every user that is wake up at 4:20 am and watch horrors videos which the administrator or curator send you. and you will need to send a pic or video to the administrator as a proof.

Blue Whale Game Tasks

there are about 50 tasks in blue whale game which are listed below. at the start, they are funny and amazing but in last of the game, you will be a suicide challenger.

Below are the list of all tasks

Please Note:

Friends we suggest you do not play this game because this game gets control on your mind and will ask you to take your life. so please do not play this game because if you want to get a winner of blue whale game so you will need to die then you will become a winner of this game.

Final Notice

Friends if you have faced any problem in this topic or any other topic so please feel free to comment below and also share our post with your friends and comment below. written by Nouman Khan. Good Bye. Allah Hafiz!


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